The Role of Application and Network Performance Monitoring in Digital Economy

CoverpageDigital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) recently completed its 2016 Digital Transformation Benchmark study that included insights from more than 500 organizations worldwide. Sixty-four percent of organizations reported that they need to make changes to their businesses to be competitive in the new economy and 41% are looking to make technology a core part of their overall business strategy. These IT and business executives identified more than 90 classes of enterprise technologies that can potentially help them achieve their business goals. One of the key areas of DEJ’s analysis of the study’s results was to help these organizations understand how different types of enterprise technologies align with actions that they are taking to be successful in digital economy. This report will analyze how application and network performance technologies enable businesses to be effective in the new economy.

Figure 1: Actions organizations are taking when going through digital transformation (not a complete list)



Application and network performance technologies could be very strong enablers of key goals that organizations are looking to achieve in digital economy, but in some cases the alignment of value proposition of these technologies and business goals is not very obvious. DEJ’s evaluation ties the key benefits of these technologies and business pressures, goals, strategies, actions and challenges that these organizations reported in our research.

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Bojan Simic is Founder of Digital Enterprise Journal, a media and research firm focused on digital transformation and the business value of technology deployments. Bojan has been an analyst and entrepreneur in the enterprise technology industry for more than 10 years. As an industry analyst, Bojan has surveyed and interviewed tens of thousands of IT and business professionals from end-user organizations and has published more than 100 research reports. Bojan is frequently quoted in leading industry publications and he has presented his research findings at hundreds of market facing events.

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