Briefing Notes – Correlata

Date: July 21, 2016


Briefing Type: Introductory


Presentation format: Company overview, key focus areas, differentiators, case study, demo presentation


Presenters: CEO and VP of Products


Technology class: IT Operations Analytics


Overview: Correlata is an Israel-based company providing a business level view of IT operations, optimizing IT resource allocation and helping organizations mitigate risks of performance outages. The company’s analytics capabilities enable organizations to translate IT operations metrics, such as resource consumption, capacity bottlenecks and service availability, into monetary business metrics. A typical user of Correlata’s solution is CIO.



  • Fairly unique business level reporting capabilities in areas such as resource allocation, availability and risk and configuration management
  • Strong capabilities for proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy in spite of robust capabilities included
  • Clean and easy to use UI with intuitive workflows that allow users to get to information needed in just a few clicks

Areas for improvement:

  • Lack of resources for expanding market presence
  • Brand recognition and marketing messaging in key target markets

Research alignment: Three key strengths of Correlata’s solution are well supported in DEJ’s research

  • Organizations that are taking a proactive approach for IT performance monitoring are reporting 71% average improvements in service availability
  • 49% of organizations reported lack of correlation between system elements as a challenge for IT performance monitoring
  • 37% of organizations reported an inability to provide business level reporting as one of the key pain points


Key takeaways: Correlata is well positioned to address some of the key challenges of IT performance management and requirements of digital economy. The company enables organizations to achieve a true IT-business alignment and free up resources for transformation and growth by optimizing cost of running the IT. Correlata has a major opportunity to capitalize on key trends in this market, but in order to do so it will have to expand its presence especially in the US market.

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