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catchpoint-logoCatchpoint Systems provides solutions for digital experience monitoring and testing from both synthetic and real-user perspectives. The solution is SaaS based and allows organizations to monitor application performance from more than 500 locations around the world. The company is very customer-focused, both from support and technology perspectives. Some of the key industry verticals where Catchpoint has significant presence include E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment, Cloud services and Telecommunications.


Key strengths and differentiators:

  • Strong analytics capabilities for quickly troubleshooting and addressing performance issues
  • Ability to proactively detect potential performance problems and address them before users are impacted
  • Ability to correlate application performance and business-centric metrics
  • Depth and granularity of monitoring different areas that constitute digital experience
  • Compared to solutions that provide a similar range of capabilities, Catchpoint’s solution is easier to use and deploy
Alignment with DEJ’s research:

  • Analytics – organizations reported Analytics as #1 investment area for IT performance monitoring technologies
  • Business impact – 71% or organizations are deploying, or looking to deploy, capabilities for correlating the impact of application performance business metrics
  • API performance – 46% of organizations listed API performance as one of the key focus areas for their IT monitoring efforts
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DEJ Review

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Scalability 50%
Analytics and data management 50%
Deployment 50%
Business context 50%
Range of capabilities 50%
Fit for SMB 50%
Technologies supported 50%
Summary: Trends in digital economy are driving the need for correlating the impact of application performance on business goals and Catchpoint established itself as one of the leaders in digital performance management (DPM). Catchpoint’s analytics capabilities enable organizations to not only be effective in preventing and triaging performance issues, but also provides a business context of issues with digital interactions. As a result, Catchpoint is well positioned to address key requirements of DPM and leverage its increasing importance to further expand the company’s market presence.
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