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extrahopThe core ExtraHop technology solution delivers streaming IT performance analytics through the analysis of wire data. The platform also delivers a full suite of Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) capabilities, and is also used for network-based application performance monitoring. The company’s solution is being used by a variety of IT operations job roles such as Network engineers, IT infrastructure, application and Web operations support engineers and IT systems administrators.

Key strengths and differentiators:

  • Ability to capture and extract content and business level data on the network
  • Real-time processing of network data streams
  • Application level visibility and capturing transaction data on the network
  • Ability to monitor and process network data at 40Gb/s rate
  • Ability to leverage community expertise through Application Inspection Triggers capability
  • Wide range of protocols supported
Alignment with DEJ’s research:

  • Wire data – 46% reported that extracting network data for business use is one of their key goals for managing network data
  • Scalability – 41% reported ability to capture data from high speed networks to be one of the key goals for network performance monitoring
  • Application performance – 37% reported that they are looking for more visibility into performance of application transactions from their NPM tools
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DEJ Review

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Proactive monitoring 50%
Scalability 50%
Data analysis and management 50%
Deployment 50%
Range of capabilities 50%
Fit for SMB 50%
Fit for Service Providers 50%
Price 50%
Summary: ExtraHop’s latest additions to the platform further improved its already strong position in the network performance monitoring category as the company has a number of competitive differentiators. By adding packet recording capabilities and creating a linkage with wire data, ExtraHop has not only enhanced the completeness of its NPM offerings, but has changed how packet capture is used within network teams’ workflows. Also, the company is well positioned to enable digital transformation initiatives and allow digital enterprises to achieve some of their key transformation goals such as monetize IT data and make IT more strategic. Going forward, we can expect ExtraHop’s solutions to be used in more business-centric use cases.

Digital Transformation Enablement Index

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