rocana-logoRocana provides different flavors of capabilities for IT operations analytics (ITOA) covering a variety of use cases that range from proactive problem resolution and troubleshooting to enabling organizations to leverage IT performance data for business purposes. The company’s core technology is built on advanced analytics concepts such as anomaly detection, real-time streaming data processing and business impact analysis. Rocana’s solution is used by both IT operations teams and IT and business leaders such as CIOs and Chief Digital Officers (CDO).



Key strengths and differentiators:

  • Capabilities for providing business context of IT performance monitoring data
  • Ability to capture, store, analyze and visualize data from any source
  • Enabling a proactive approach for IT performance monitoring by helping organizations predict potential issues and prevent them before users are impacted
  • Speed, depth and accuracy of search capabilities
  • Open approach for collecting and analyzing event data
Alignment with DEJ’s research:

  • Business context – 41% reported that they are looking to use ITOA data for business purposes
  • Proactive approach – 71% average service availability improvements for organizations taking proactive approach for IT performance
  • Making data actionable – 89% reported increases in IT performance data collected over last 12 months, but only 38% reported significant performance improvements
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DEJ Review

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Scalability 50%
Deployment 50%
Business context 50%
Data management 50%
Proactive monitoring 50%
Fit for SMB 50%
Range of capabilities 50%
Summary: Rocana is effectively addressing some of the key pain points that IT operations teams are facing, but it also provides strong capabilities for improving the value of IT data that go well beyond value proposition of traditional IT monitoring solutions. The company’s total visibility approach enables organizations to have a full view of their entire infrastructure which eliminates any blind spots when triaging performance and security problems. As digital transformation is driving the need for IT to play more of a strategic role, organizations are looking for ITOA solutions to not only reduce cost of IT operations, but help improve customer engagements and business decision making process. Rocana is one of a few ITOA vendors that is well positioned to address these key goals of digital enterprises.
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