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About Digital Enterprise Journal

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) is a media and research firm focused on digital transformation and the business value of technology deployments. Some of the key areas of DEJ’s coverage include:

  • Key market dynamics of digital economy
  • Strategies of digital businesses
  • Evaluations of technology solutions
  • Key performance metrics used by digital businesses
  • Digital maturity assessments

Our readership includes IT management and practitioners, business executives and professionals from various business areas such as marketing, data management, operations, finance and HR.




DEJ is leveraging data from our primary research and insights from thought leaders worldwide to provide business value and digital readiness analysis of key enterprise strategies and technology deployments across different stages of digital transformation. One of the key areas of our approach is situational analysis of technology solutions that allows user organizations to identify strategies and solutions that are most suitable for their specific needs.


Our unbiased, independent insights are being leveraged by end-user organizations, technology vendors and consulting firms to improve their effectiveness in dealing with the challenges of digital transformation.


Key publishing formats include: research studies, business technology index reports, thought leadership articles, analysis about major events and industry trends and new media publications.





Our publishing methodology is based on three unique research frameworks.


Maturity framework. Designed to help user organizations understand how they compare to their peers and industry standards when it comes to achieving the key goals of digital transformation. This framework is also used to identify best practices and actionable recommendations for user organizations.


Business technology framework. This framework allows user organizations to better understand the landscape of technologies that are enabling digital businesses. It also allows them to identify solutions and providers that are the best fit for their specific goals for digital transformation.


Digital economy framework. Provides a holistic view of market pressures that are driving digital transformations, key attributes of digital businesses, key steps in the journey of becoming a digital enterprise and the key benefits that organizations can expect from digital transformation.

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